Medical Textiles / Bandages / Mesh Patches

Cheersonic’s ultrasonic medical coating system has been used for spraying various antibacterial or other medical bandage coatings, as well as applied to local wound care and dressings, as well as implantable wound dressings, hemostatic patches and soft tissue repair equipment and fine lines to wide Fabric. Coatings such as blood coagulants, antibacterial agents, antibacterial agents, antibiotics and other drugs are applied to topical and implantable dressings and devices to help minimize rejection, inflammation and infection, promote biocompatibility and rapid healing , To relieve pain or improve adhesion to the skin.

Ultrasonic spraying produces very small uniform droplets, which are very tightly distributed. The nozzle is almost clogged, which allows spraying in a wide range of flow rates and applying a very uniform and very thin coating, thus saving spraying materials and improving the quality of medical coatings, and at the same time through more uniform antibacterial coating Layer improves patient safety.

Ultrasonic spray medical coatings include:

Colloidal silver
Blood coagulant
Antibacterial agents
Antibacterial agents
Titanium dioxide
Omega-3 fatty acids
Antimicrobial peptides and enzymes (lysostaphin)
NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen)
Antibacterial solution nano layer
Silane Silver
Silver nitrate or other antibacterial solutions

Advantages of ultrasonic spraying system in medical textiles:

• It can achieve uniform distribution and precise dose spraying, so as to effectively carry out drug delivery and treatment.
• Flexible control of spraying width, suitable for products of various widths.
• Low-speed spraying is easy to control, and overspray is minimized.
• Multiple flow functions.

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