CENG-M Fuel Cell Catalyst Coating System

Product Description

Cheersonic’s CENG-M ultrasonic equipment is suitable for spraying catalyst solutions containing carbon black ink suspension, platinum slurry and other precious metal solutions. It can prepare fuel cell proton exchange membrane with excellent performance. It integrates multiple systems such as ultrasonic, dispersion, carrier gas, liquid, heating station, vacuum adsorption, and exhaust emission control. It is suitable for R & D, small and medium-sized batch production. Using the company’s patented ultrasonic spray head technology, it can spray uniformly and efficiently on proton exchange membranes and gas diffusion layers. Due to the characteristics of controllable film thickness and high uniformity, the durability and conductivity of the film electrode can be greatly improved. And because the equipment has the advantage of extremely high liquid utilization, it can greatly reduce research and production costs.
CENG-M Fuel Cell Catalyst Coating System

Key Features

• Full range of ultrasonic nozzles
• Titanium alloy and stainless-steel construction, corrosion resistance
• The nozzle is not easy to be blocked
• Utilization> 95%
• Low diversion pressure can reduce waste of overcoating and air pollution
• Ultrasonic dispersion liquid system- keep the suspension evenly dispersed during spraying
• Spraying proton exchange membrane with high uniformity and good adhesion
• The particle diameter is optional which can more flexibly affect the through-hole property of the coating
• Heating plate, vacuum plate or combination of heating plate and vacuum plate


• Electrode
• Electrolyte materials
• SOFChttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzvvEhZdLZ4


Ultrasonic spraying system Frequency: 50khz, 60khz, 120khz
Spraying width: 80mm
Particle content: <10%
Particle size: 10-40um
Liquid delivery(optional) Ultrasonic dispersing syringe, Keep the suspension evenly dispersed during the spraying process
Nozzle alignment Laser assisted alignment Material of liquid tube PTFE
Liquid utilization rate 95% Heating substrate(optional) Maximum temperature: 400℃
Spray uniformity 5% Temperature 0-40℃
Work area 450 x 450 mm (17.71” x 17.71”) Certifification CE, ISO9001:2015
Speed XY: 300mm/sec
Z: 50mm/sec
Compressed air 551.6 kPa (80 PSI) dry
unlubricated air
Syringe pump Flow rate: 0.01- 50ml/min
One syringe: up to 100ml
Two syringe: up to 50ml each
Power requirements 220V, +/-10%, 50-60Hz,
single phase
Control system Self-developed 6-axis control system, 7-inch full-color touch LCD screen, can be set to automatic mode, jog debugging mode, with security system Vacuum adsorption(optional) 150C heat/vac
Power of vacuum pump: <500w
Pumping speed: ≥60L/min
Motion accuracy ±0.1mm Dimensions 1400L*900W*1600G mm
Motors Digital AC servo motor drive Weight 650kg