UAL100 Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump

Product Description

Ultrasonic Dispensing Syringe Pumps are designed to rapidly disperse particles in a mixture and allow them to be uniformly suspended for hours or longer, making them ideal for depolymerized nanoparticles and catalyst slurries with a tendency to agglomerate and difficult to maintain uniform dispersion in suspension Liquid. Programmed continuous high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations disperse agglomerated particles faster and more uniformly than magnetic stir or ultrasonic baths commonly used in the same applications. High-frequency ultrasonic vibrations allow particles to be uniformly suspended over a long period of time, improving process quality by providing consistent particle suspension throughout the coating process. Very suitable for carbon black fuel cell catalyst solution, ceramic slurry and nano suspension.


CHEERSONIC’s equipment for liquid transport is ideally suited for a wide range of aqueous and solvent-based suspensions including:
• Fuel cell catalyst solution
• Nanosuspensions
• Slurry size up to 25 microns
• Carbon ink and carbon nanotubes
• Ceramic slurry


• Ability to operate with small liquid sample sizes (only 5-10 ml required)
• Ability to program the duration and duration of ultrasonic vibrations
• The ultrasonic power can be changed according to the specific liquid suspension characteristics
• With Hangzhou Chi fly ultrasonic atomizer nozzle easily configured
• Mix particles thoroughly in seconds
• Depending on the liquid suspension characteristics, the particles suspended in the solution are held for several hours

How to Work:

CHEERSONIC uses a disc-shaped piezo-electric transducer located inside the syringe plunger to convert high-frequency electrical energy to mechanical energy and transfer it to a liquid suspension. The power level and duration of the ultrasound can vary depending on the liquid suspension characteristics.

The high frequency and high reflection vibrations generated in the syringe barrel effectively mix most of the slurry, dispersion and suspension into a nearly perfect homogeneous mixture in seconds.

More electrical pulses that are automatically triggered from the control module produce a continuous vibration that disperses the particles evenly in the suspension for several hours.

Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump Video