Ultrasonic Medical Coating Machine

Product Description

The Ultrasonic Medical Coating Machine is a precision spraying system designed for anti-restenosis drug polymer that provides a uniform and non-adhesive drug coating to the cardiac stents through ultrasonic spray technology. Ultrasonic Stent Coating System can penetrate stents of different geometries, ensuring complete coverage of all of the strut surfaces of the stent without webbing. With a special fixture design, the entire stent can be sprayed for a maximum of 50mm stent spraying. Cheersonic has extensive experience in the surface coating of implantable medical devices such as drug stents and balloons to provide customers with complete solutions.

Ultrasonic Medical Coating Machine - Ultrasonic Coating - Cheersonic

Key Features

• Including the ultrasonic spraying system, non-clogging nozzle
• Uniform and controllable coating
• Automatic nozzle cleaning system
• Ultrasonic spray nozzles can penetrate the stent of geometrically shaped, ensuring complete coverage of all strut surfaces without webbing
• The spray adheres well to the surface and the coating morphological features can be adjusted by changing the process parameters.
• The highly durable coating does not peel
• Compared with dip coating, ultrasonic spraying will be much thinner, saving paint and avoiding waste.
• Can be docked to the laboratory or the clean room exhaust system, or use its own exhaust fan


• Arterial
• Peripheral
• Sinus
• Bare Metal
• Biodegradable
• Stent Grafts

Ultrasonic Spraying System Machine Specifications
Frequency 50kHz, 60kHz, 120kHz Stent Rotation 1.5-1000RPM(clockwise or counterclockwise)
Material Nozzle Body: Titanium alloy Linear stent movement 0.03-15mm/s
Nozzle Housing: 304 stainless steel Max linear movement 1.96 inches(50mm)
Precision Holder (Precision filling): Aluminum alloy Construction PTFE (liquid tube), Acrylic (visual window), Coated Steel (machine housing)
Liquid Inlet: 304 stainless steel Syringe Pump Flow rate: 0.005 ml/min- 50ml/min
Capacity: up from 0 to 100 ml
Air Inlet: 304 stainless steel Power requirements 220V, +/-10%, 50-60Hz, single phase
Flow rate Focusing filling: 1-80ml/h
Precision filling:0.05-10ml/h
Control system Self-developed 6-axis control system, 7-inch full-color touch LCD screen, can be set to automatic mode, jog debugging mode, with security system
Spray diameter Focusing filling: 2-20mm
Precision filling: 1-2mm
Operating Temperature 10℃-40℃ Compressed Air 15-150 psi/100-1000 kPa, clean, dry air or gas
Air Pressure 0.1Mpa Liquid delivery(optional) Keep the suspension evenly dispersed during the spraying process
Nozzle alignment Laser assisted alignment Certification CE
Size 1100L*800W*1100Hmm
Weight 180kg