Ultrasonic Balloon Coating Equipment

Product Description

UAM7000 is an ultrasonic spraying equipment specially designed for drug eluting balloons. It provides a uniform drug coating for the balloon catheter through ultrasonic spray technology. UAM7000 can also be used to adjust and control the deposition process of drug coatings for different liquid formulations. With the help of a special fixing device design, the entire balloon catheter can be sprayed with a maximum spraying length of 280 mm., It also has the functions of solvent doping, pre-heating, humidity control, and drying. The equipment has the characteristics of precise application amount, uniform film layer, and high utilization rate of chemical liquid. Cheersonic has extensive experience in surface coating of implantable medical devices (such as drug stents and balloons), and can provide customers with complete solutions.


• Drug eluting balloon catheter
• Catheter
• Guide wire

Fertures & Benefits

• Waste medicine collection device
• Exhaust system
• Humidity control system
• Automatically straighten and inflate with one button
• The finished and semi-finished balloons can be sprayed
• Balloon inflation pressure is adjustable
• With balloon assisted drying function
• Optional ultrasonic dispersion system to pre-disperse liquid

Ultrasonic Spray Balloon Dilatation Catheter Video