Industrial Conveying Ultrasonic Spraying Machine

Product Description

Industrial Conveying Ultrasonic Spraying Machine. A high volume production coating system for wide area coatings such as glass, textiles and food manufacturing. Inline Ultrasonic Coating System, a mass production type automatic ultrasonic spraying equipment, can be equipped with wide-spray type ultrasonic nozzle, and can be equipped with multiple nozzles in parallel at the same time. The equipped automatic conveyor can automatically transfer samples. It is especially suitable for the production and production of mass production grade and large area film. The system features: uniform, repeatable thin film coatings across wide widths, customized widths available and proven performance for 24/7 high volume production operations.

Key Features

• Automated ultrasonic spraying equipment, using ultrasonic nozzle technology, can provide uniform and efficient film spraying, the thinnest film thickness can reach tens of nanometers
• High coating thickness control accuracy: 20 nm to tens of micron coatings can be prepared for precise coating thickness control
• Spray uniformity: >95%
• Saving raw materials: raw material utilization rate is over 85%, 4 times that of traditional two-fluid spraying
• XYZ three-axis programmable motion system
• Touch screen control system
• Uninterrupted and stable liquid supply
• It can be used with all series of ultrasonic nozzles from Cheersonic to achieve different width spraying from 1mm to 100mm, spraying from 0.001ml/min to 50ml/min, and various ultrasonic frequencies from 15kHz to 120kHz.
• Imported high-precision precision pressure reducing valve and liquid valve to achieve high-speed and stable gas-liquid coordination
• Exhaust system
• The nozzle is not blocked
• Ultrasonic dispersion liquid supply technology can realize the on-line dispersion and suspension supply of suspension to avoid solid precipitation during spraying (optional)
• Optional heating substrate for on-line pyrolysis (optional)
• Automatic cleaning system for quick self-cleaning after each spray (optional)


• Alternative Energy & Nanomaterials, Like Fuel Cell, Electrolyzer
Solar Cell, CNT, Nanowires & Other Nanomaterials, Spray Pyrolysis & TCO, Sensors, Spray Drying
• Glass & Industrial, Like Float Glass, Functional Coatings, Protective Coatings, Lenses, Electrochromic, Aluminum Flux Brazing, Solder Powder, Injection Mold Release, Advanced Textiles, Automotive, Food Manufacturing
• Medical Devices, Like Stents, Balloons, Diagnostic Devices, Blood Collection Tubes / Syringe Barrels, Plastic Laser Welding, Medical Textiles / Bandages / Mesh Patches, Bioaerosol / Cell Culture / Biomist, THC, CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil
• Printed Circuit Boards, Like Wave Solder Fluxing, Selective Solder Fluxing, OEM Fluxing Partners, Solder Recovery – EVS
• Semiconductor, Like MEMs / Semiconductor, Protective Films for Dicing, Photoresist & Polyimide Deposition, EMI Shielding Spray Coatings, Flip Chip Fluxing

Ultrasonic Spraying System Machine Specifications
Frequency 50kHz, 60kHz, 120kHz Spray width Standard configuration 360-900mm, custom sizes available for larger configurations
Material Nozzle Body: Titanium alloy Control system Self-developed 6-axis control system, 7-inch full-color touch LCD screen, can be set to automatic mode, jog debugging mode, with security system
Nozzle Housing: 304 stainless steel Power requirements 220 VAC, 25-50A (depending on configuration)
Precision Holder (Precision filling): Aluminum alloy Construction PTFE (liquid tube), Acrylic (visual window), Coated Steel (machine housing)
Liquid Inlet: 304 stainless steel Syringe Pump Flow rate: 0.005 ml/min- 50ml/min
Capacity: up from 0 to 100 ml
Air Inlet: 304 stainless steel Compressed Air 15-150 psi/100-1000 kPa, clean, dry air or gas
Flow rate Focusing filling: 1-80ml/h
Precision filling:0.05-10ml/h
Ultrasonic nozzle design wide format
Spray diameter Focusing filling: 2-20mm
Precision filling: 1-2mm
Operating Temperature 10℃-40℃ Liquid delivery(optional) Keep the suspension evenly dispersed during the spraying process
Air Pressure 0.1Mpa Certification CE
Nozzle alignment Laser assisted alignment Size 2100x650x1800mm
Weight 380kg