Advanced Textiles Coating Systems

Ultrasonic spray systems use high performance textile processing technology, including flame retardant coatings, water and oil repellent coatings, antimicrobial and antifouling coatings. Nanosuspensions or other solutions are evenly sprayed onto fabrics for medical textiles, flooring, carpets, automotive or other industrial textile manufacturing applications. The ultrasonic atomizing sprayer handles textiles and greatly reduces the use of raw materials and energy. Ultrasonic sprayable coatings include antifouling agents, water repellents, antibacterial agents, and flame retardants.

Ultrasonic Textile Coating System Benefits:

• Precise, repeatable, controlled deposition coatings.
• Very small, atomized droplets with uniform particle sizes create uniform nanolayer films.
• Non-clogging ultrasonic nozzles reduce downtime for maintenance.
• Dramatic savings in spray material, water and energy usage (up to 80% reduction).
• Soft atomized spray with very little bounceback provides a very efficient coating process, unlike pressure spray or dipping methods.
• Environmental benefits from reduced release of material into the atmosphere, reduced overspray and reduced or eliminated wastewater treatment.

Spraying Textile Coating Video

Recommended Equipment