Electrolyte Membrane Coating

Electrolyte Membrane Coating – Coating Nafion – Cheersonic

Electrolyte Membrane, the main function of the Electrolyte Membrane is to separate the oxidizer and the reducing agent, and to conduct ions, so the thinner the electrolyte diaphragm is, the better, but the strength needs to be considered. As far as the current technology is concerned, its thickness is generally about tens of mm Hundreds of millimeters; as for the material, the current development is mainly in two directions. One is to first make a porous diaphragm with insulating materials such as asbestos film, silicon carbide SiC film, lithium aluminate (LiAlO3) film, and then immerse it in molten lithium -Potassium carbonate, potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid, etc., to make it adhere to the diaphragm pores, the other is to use perfluorosulfonic acid resin (such as PEMFC) and YSZ (such as SOFC).

Electrolyte Membrane Coating - Coating Nafion - Cheersonic

Cheersonic ultrasonic coating systems are ideal for spraying carbon-based catalyst inks onto electrolyte membranes used for hydrogen generation.

PEM electrolyzer coating systems are fully automated, capable of dual side coating, and enable different catalyst formulations to be applied to each side of the membrane. Durability and repeatability of the coating are proven superior to other coating methods, providing extended lifetime of the coated PEM.

Cheersonic has extensive expertise coating proton exchange membrane electrolyzers such as Nafion with excellent control of coating attributes, creating the most uniform, effective coatings possible for electrolysis applications.

About Cheersonic

Cheersonic is the leading developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic coating systems for applying precise, thin film coatings to protect, strengthen or smooth surfaces on parts and components for the microelectronics/electronics, alternative energy, medical and industrial markets, including specialized glass applications in construction and automotive.

The Company’s solutions are environmentally-friendly, efficient and highly reliable, and enable dramatic reductions in overspray, savings in raw material, water and energy usage and provide improved process repeatability, transfer efficiency, high uniformity and reduced emissions.

Cheersonic’s growth strategy is focused on leveraging its innovative technologies, proprietary know-how, unique talent and experience, and global reach to further develop thin film coating technologies that enable better outcomes for its customers’ products and processes. For further information, visit https://www.cheersonic-liquid.cn/en/.