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The proton exchange membrane fuel cell is an efficient and clean energy conversion device that can convert the chemical energy stored in hydrogen and oxygen into electrical energy through an electrochemical method. PEMFC has a very wide range of application prospects, including base station power supplies, portable power supplies, and electric vehicles.
For the study of platinum-based reduction catalysts, scientists calculated by density functional theory that appropriately lowering the center of gravity of platinum atoms on the catalyst surface can weaken the binding energy of platinum and oxygen-containing intermediates, thereby speeding up the desorption of reaction intermediates and improving the catalyst.的activity. However, these alloy catalysts usually have the problem of insufficient stability. This is because under the working conditions of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell under the high pressure and acidic environment, non-noble metals are prone to dissolution and loss, which leads to the degradation of catalyst performance. For large-scale applications, fuel cells must have good stability.

The design and development of highly efficient and stable platinum-based catalysts are still the key to large-scale fuel cell applications. Based on the guidance of theoretical models with the center of gravity and the development of nano-synthesis technology, researchers can now accurately design and synthesize nanocrystalline catalysts with controllable size, morphology, and structure, which greatly improves the oxygen reduction activity of the catalyst and achieves A very outstanding result. On the other hand, researchers have also proposed a number of strategies to improve the stability of catalysts, including transition metal doping, atomic arrangement ordering control, and physical confinement methods, which have also achieved certain results. However, compared with the activity, there is still much room for expansion in the research of catalyst stability.

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Platinum-based Catalyst - Fuel Cells Coartings - Cheersonic

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