Spray Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate

A bipolar plate, also called a current collector plate, is one of the important core components of a fuel cell. It is required to have the following functions and properties: (1) Separate the fuel from the oxidant and prevent gas from passing through; (2) Collect and conduct current and conductance High; (3) Designed and processed flow channel, which can evenly distribute the gas to the reaction layer of the electrode for electrode reaction; (4) Can discharge heat and keep the temperature field of the battery uniform; (5) Corrosion resistance, impact resistance and vibration; (6) Thin thickness, light weight, low cost, easy machining, suitable for batch manufacturing, etc.

The ultrasonic coating system can create a durable, uniform thin film fuel cell catalyst coating, which has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, stability, and corrosion resistance.

Ultrasonic Spray Fuel Cell Video

Spray Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate - Ultrasonic Spray Fuel Cell Video