Ultrasonic Medical Balloon Catheter Spraying

Cheersonic’s Ultrasonic atomization Nozzle and subcutaneous conveying drugs, including chemicals, can effectively carry out continuous uniform coating on the balloon catheter.
Ultrasonic Medical Balloon Catheter Spraying - Cheersonic
The nozzle of the Cheersonic can minimize the agglomeration of the product or the agglomeration of the material. Ultrasonic technology eliminates excessive exposure to the atmosphere during the separation of shear and suspended materials and damages medical chemistry. Our nebulizer nozzles eliminate blockages, low-speed spraying provides maximum film thickness and film density uniformity, and reduces over-injection.
Ultrasonic Medical Balloon Catheter Spraying - Cheersonic
Ultrasonic nozzles not only have key advantages in balloon catheter coating, but also have many precision medical device coating applications such as stents, guide wire, diagnostic equipment, blood collection tubes, plastic surgical implants, implants, carbon nanotubes deposition coatings and film coatings for other materials. The advantages of ultrasonic nebulizer nozzle are process control, solution flow rate control, injection speed and droplet size distribution. Ultrasonic nozzles are not clogged and reproducible, and the use of spray materials is reduced by up to 80%.

Ultrasonic Nozzle Video