Ultrasonic Solar Cell Coating

Photovoltaic (PV) equipment or solar cells are seen as a clean and sustainable source of electricity for infrastructure, utilities, vehicles, etc. There are many types of solar cells: dye sensitization, film, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon and so on. Compared to ordinary batteries and recyclable rechargeable batteries, solar cells are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly green products.
Ultrasonic Solar Cell Coating - Automated Coating Systems - Cheersonic
Ultrasonic nozzles and automated coating systems can be used to apply graphene or other transparent conductive materials as electrodes, spray substrates and dye materials for dye-sensitized solar cells, or a controlled layer or thin absorber photovoltaic for a wide variety of materials. In addition, ultrasonic nozzles can also be used to spray anti-reflective coatings on PV devices.

Ultrasonic Nozzle Advantages:

• Eco-friendly Spraying
• Up to 80% reduction in material consumption
• Uniform and stable spraying results
• Ability to spray nanomaterials
• Minimal maintenance and downtime
• Highly homogeneous nano-membranes
・ But spray, no blockage
• Precise control of coating thickness

Ultrasonic Atomization Spraying Video