Ultrasonic Spray Solution

UAM6000 ultrasonic spray solution display…

The UAM6000 ultrasonic spray machine uses ultrasonic high frequency oscillations to atomize liquid into uniform micron-sized particles. Ultrasonic nozzles provide a more uniform, thinner, more controllable film spray and spray pyrolysis, which is less prone to clogging the nozzle. Ultrasonic nozzles require only a small amount of gas in the kilopascal class, and there is almost no splash during the spraying process, and the coating utilization rate is as high as 95% or higher.

The technology is widely used in thin-film solar cells, fuel cells, semiconductor photoresists, electronic sensors, PCB flux, non-woven functional coatings, glass coatings and other nano and sub-micron film preparation.


According to the treatment, spray granules, spraying amount and other special process requirements, we can design the nozzles for customers and customize a complete set of ultrasonic nano-scale particle spraying equipment. If you want to test your liquid solution in advance, please contact Cheersonic to arrange the test as soon as possible!
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