Ultrasonic Stent Coating Systems

The ultrasonic drug-eluting stent spray coating system can be applied to the preparation of polymer coating for preventing vascular restenosis on the surface of implantable drug-eluting stent. Compared to conventional two-fluid nozzles, ultrasonic nozzles can spray a more uniform drug coating that completely covers the stent without the orange peel and adhesion to a complex stent. The soft atomized spray adheres well to surfaces and coating morphology characteristics can be adjusted by modifying process parameters. In addition, the stent coating obtained by ultrasonic spray coating technology is thinner than dip-coating. Ultrasonic spray coating technology can precisely control the amount of drug sprayed on the stent, making the control of the spraying more precisely.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Spray for Stent Coatings:

• Including the ultrasonic spraying system, non-clogging nozzle
• Spray uniformity <5%
• Utilization rate of medicinal solution reaches 95% and above
• Automatic nozzle cleaning system
• Ability to spray at flow rates in the microliter per hour range
• Ultrasonic nozzles can penetrate the stent of geometrically shaped, ensuring complete coverage of all strut surfaces without webbing
• The highly durable coating does not peel
• Fixture with a maximum diameter of 60mm and a maximum length of 280mm
• Nozzle system developed for stent
• Can be docked to the laboratory or the clean room exhaust system, or use its own exhaust fan
• The liquid delivery system can adapt to various solvents and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion

Recommended Equipment