Balloon Catheter Coating Systems
Balloon Catheter Coating Systems

Balloon Catheter Coating Systems

The CMED-M Precision Sprayer is a special spray system designed for drug eluting balloons that provides a uniform drug coating to the balloon catheter through ultrasonic spray technology. CMED-M can also be used to adjust and control the deposition process of drug coatings for different liquid formula, such as solvent doping and preheating. With a special fixture design, the entire balloon catheter can be sprayed for a maximum of 280mm balloon spray. Cheersonic has extensive experience in the surface coating of implantable medical devices such as drug stents and balloons to provide customers with complete solutions.


• High efficiency spray
• Spray nozzle and sprayed objects can be moved /rotated
• Ultrasonic spray distance is controllable
• Any nozzle can be unloaded / replaced Ultrasonic
• Spray uniformity <5%.
• Utilization rate of medicinal solution reaches 95% and above.
• Maximum balloon length 280mm.
• Nozzle system developed for balloon.
• Fully digital ultrasonic control power.
• Balloon clamp: can blow the balloon in-line, and clamp the excess catheter.
• Can be docked to the laboratory or the clean room exhaust system, or use its own exhaust fan.
• The equipment integrates ultrasonic spray head, ultrasonic control, liquid delivery system, balloon catheter loading and unloading air drying system and moving structure.
• The liquid delivery system can adapt to various solvents and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion.