It is well known that the use of drug-eluting balloon catheters instead of drug-eluting stents is one of the potential treatments. As a leader in the industry, Cheersonic has more than 10 years of experience in the preparation of thin film coatings for medical implantable devices using ultrasonic spray technology, especially for balloon catheter. Compared with conventional dip coating and two-fluid spraying, the ultrasonic spray technology applied to the balloon catheter can produce a more uniform thin film coating. At the same time, the ultrasonic spraying technology has strong controllability and can produce a more stable film preparation and re-spraying capability on the balloon catheter.

Cheersonic can provide a key solution for precise coating of balloon catheter. Our drug balloon catheter spraying system can spray 300mm balloons, with a special fixture inside, which can fix a 2m catheter for spraying. Our ultrasonic nozzle enables precise spraying in specific areas of the balloon catheter. The special fixing device inside the equipment can also be removed or replaced by other medical instruments. Our ultrasonic peripheral stent spraying system is mainly used for precision drug spraying of peripheral stents.


1. Highly uniform drug coating on balloon catheter
2. More reliable, repeatable, and controllable balloon catheter coating than other techniques (eg dip coating, air spraying)
3. Capable of handling complete balloon catheters up to 2 meters
4. Ability to selectively spray specific areas on the balloon catheter instead of treating the entire balloon surface
5. Catheter protected from damage by using soft material on catheter holders 

Balloon Catheter Coating - production line of angioplasty inflation device