Electrochromic Coating Systems

Ultrasonic spray equipment has been proven to spray ITO and other chemicals, such as nano-solutions, in the manufacture of smart or electrochromic glass. As the energy efficient glass market continues to evolve, Cheersonic assists manufacturers in developing new coating processes. The ultrasonic nozzle does not use pressure to atomize the liquid, so that the nanomaterial can be sprayed evenly onto the glass without excessive spraying or dripping. Ultrasonic spray equipment has a long life and repeatable, non-clogging performance.

Application of ultrasonic spraying in electrochromic device:

• Transition metal oxides (including Tungsten oxide, Niobium oxide and other oxides)
• Nanocrystals
• TCO layer
• Other chemistries for glass manufacturing

Features & Benefits

• Ultrasonic nozzles
• Nozzle corrosion resistance
• The nozzle is not easy to be blocked
• Spray range in 2-100mm diameter
• Applicable to all fluxes
• High control accuracy, spot spraying and fast startup speed
• Equipment is stable and maintenance costs are low
• Coating utilization> 95%
• Low diversion pressure and no sputtering
• Can be equipped with multiple series nozzles
• Spray special-shaped workpiece

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