Fuel Cell Coating

Ultrasonic spray fuel cell catalyst coating system can produce highly uniform, repeatable and durable coatings. Our ultrasonic spraying can well control coating properties, significantly reduce material usage, and reduce maintenance and downtime.

Our company’s ultrasonic spraying equipment can be sprayed on a variety of different metal alloys, including the preparation of platinum, nickel, iridium and ruthenium-based fuel cell catalyst coatings, as well as PEMs, GDLs, DMFCs (direct methanol fuel cells) and SOFCs (solid Oxide fuel cell) manufacturing. The battery manufactured by this technology has the characteristics of high battery load and high battery efficiency.

The optional ultrasonic dispersion system can uniformly disperse the catalyst solution without blocking the ultrasonic nozzle, thereby providing a uniform and homogeneous fuel cell catalyst coating, and has a controlled droplet size from ultra-low flow to production-scale flow.


• Electrode
• Electrolyte materials

Features & Benefits

• Full range of ultrasonic nozzles
• Titanium alloy and stainless-steel construction, corrosion resistance
• The nozzle is not easy to be blocked
• Utilization> 95%
• Low diversion pressure can reduce waste of overcoating and air pollution
• Ultrasonic dispersion liquid system- keep the suspension evenly dispersed during spraying
• Spraying proton exchange membrane with high uniformity and good adhesion
• The particle diameter is optional which can more flexibly affect the through-hole property of the coating
• Heating plate, vacuum plate or combination of heating plate and vacuum plate

Ultrasonic Fuel Cell Coating Video

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