Fuel Cell Film Manufacturing

The fuel cell infrastructure construction is now accelerating, making full preparations for the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogenation infrastructure is an important guarantee for the development of fuel cells. The low-cost transport of hydrogen is also a problem that needs to be overcome. High-purity hydrogen sources suitable for fuel cell vehicles are also important issues.
Fuel Cell Film Manufacturing - How to Spray Fuel Cell Film - Cheersonic
The key components of a fuel cell system include an electric stack, a hydrogen cycle system, a humidifier, and an air compressor. Key technologies include hydrothermal management technology, low-temperature cold start, and system control technology. At present, internationally, including Japan, the United States, and Germany, the technology of fuel cells has matured. In the next stage, the technology of fuel cells is mainly focused on the stage of industrialization to reduce costs.

In the preparation of fuel cell films, an ultrasonic sprayer can be cited. Watch the video below to see how an ultrasonic sprayer prepares a film.

Fuel Cell Film Manufacturing Video