Fuel Cell For Aerospace Field

Fuel Cell For Aerospace Field – Fuel Cell – Cheersonic

For space applications, based on the power consumption requirements during a spacecraft mission, the design and implementation of a 1kW fuel cell power system are studied using the architecture of fuel cells and batteries. A simulation model of a 1kW fuel cell power supply system was constructed, and the system design principle was simulated and verified. A prototype of a 1kW fuel cell power supply system was developed to test the typical load step conditions of the system. The test results show that when the 1kW fuel cell power system changes stepwise at half load, the bus voltage fluctuation is less than 5V, and the adjustment time is less than 25μs; the system works normally and stably during the entire operation process, which can meet the spacecraft application requirements.

As a power generation equipment, fuel cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy through the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to provide energy for the subsequent stages. At the same time, considering the starvation effect of the fuel cell output, batteries must be configured as auxiliary power supply equipment for sudden changes in load power In addition, it is equipped with a fuel cell discharge regulator composed of an inverter to provide energy to the load; it is equipped with a battery discharge regulator and a battery charging regulator composed of an inverter for charging and discharging the battery And stabilize the output bus. The entire system works under the unified deployment of the controller, which can not only provide the required energy for the load, but also ensure the stability of the output bus.

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Fuel Cell For Aerospace Field - Fuel Cell - Cheersonic

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