China’s graphene has made a major breakthrough!

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has received good news. The development of graphene materials in China has made great progress. It has reduced the electromagnetic delay time to 1000 times, and it can also be directly applied to electronic components, which has greatly improved the working speed.

graphene - ultrasonic fuel cell coating - cheersonic

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial with hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms with sp hybrid orbitals. It has special significance for basic research in physics, and it enables some quantum effects that could only be demonstrated theoretically to be verified through experiments.

In 2018, China’s first fully automatic mass production of graphene organic solar optoelectronic device production line was launched in Heze, Shandong. This project mainly produces graphene organic solar cells that can generate electricity in low light, which solves the three major solar power generation problems of application limitation, angle sensitivity, and difficult to shape.

graphene - ultrasonic fuel cell coating - cheersonic

Graphene can be used in battery electrode materials, semiconductor devices, transparent displays, sensors, capacitors, transistors, etc., and has a high application value. It has achieved a series of chemistry, materials, physics, biology, environment, energy and many other disciplines. Important progress.

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