High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane

High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane – Cheersonic

HTPEM is the core component of PEMFC, which conducts protons and isolates electrons. The relative humidity in the battery is low at high temperatures, so it is necessary to develop HTPEM with excellent performance at high temperature and low humidity. The PBI film doped with proton conductor can conduct proton conduction through the jumping mechanism at low relative humidity, and has good thermal stability and mechanical properties. , Widely concerned. Currently, the composite PBI HTPEM still faces many challenges.

First of all, it is necessary to design and synthesize a new type of proton conductor, so that the PBI film has high proton conductivity, while avoiding the loss of proton conductor and the decrease of mechanical properties caused by higher doping degree, the increase of dry and wet deformation and the problem of phase separation. Secondly, the end group of the composite PBI film and the N-H bond on the imidazole group are more active and prone to oxidative degradation. Methods to solve this problem (crosslinking, end group or side chain modification, doped free radical trapping agent and surface Modifications, etc.) often cause a decrease in proton conductivity, or the effect is limited.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop new methods or additives to effectively reduce or even eliminate oxidative degradation, while avoiding significant effects on other properties of the membrane. In addition, further study the relationship between the microstructure (microphase separation structure and free volume, etc.) of the composite PBI membrane and the membrane performance, and regulate the size and distribution of the microphase separation structure, hydration zone and free volume in the membrane, etc. Effectively construct proton transmission channels and comprehensively improve membrane performance. Finally, the development of new polymer electrolytes is also a direction worth exploring and trying.

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High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane - Cheersonic

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