SOFC Introduction

SOFC Introduction – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell – Cheersonic

Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) has the advantages of wide fuel application range, high energy conversion efficiency (power generation efficiency 40% to 60%, comprehensive energy efficiency ≥80%), all-solid structure, modular assembly, zero pollution, etc., as a fixed type Or distributed power generation can enhance the clean power supply capacity, safety, reliability and stability of the grid. SOFC has a variety of different structures, and its power generation scale covers tens of watts to hundreds of megawatts, which can be selected according to different application scenarios Structure, application scenarios mainly include fixed power generation, distributed power supply, combined heating (cold) power supply, auxiliary power supply for transportation vehicles, etc.

The development of domestic SOFC technology is relatively late. At present, certain research progress has been made, and the SOFC power generation system of more than ten kilowatts can be independently developed. However, there is still a big gap with the international leading level, which is mainly reflected in the output power, production cost and Service life and other aspects. European SOFC technology is at the international leading level, and has a group of companies that have successfully realized productization. Through investigations on their technologies and products, they can gain a deep understanding of the status and development trend of European SOFC technology, which is the domestic SOFC technology. Development provides reference.

As a clean and efficient power generation device, SOFC has a wide range of application markets, from portable power generation devices of tens of watts to MW-level power generation systems. Different application scenarios can choose SOFCs with different structures. This article introduces the international leading level The technical status of SOFC manufacturers focuses on the relevant technologies of European flat-panel SOFC manufacturers, and the goal is mostly to apply to distributed power generation systems coupled with renewable energy.

Compared with Europe’s SOFC technology, my country’s SOFC technology still lags far behind. However, as technology advances, environmental protection requirements gradually increase, and the national hydrogen energy and fuel cell-related policies are introduced, my country’s SOFC technology level will gradually increase, and the manufacturing cost will gradually increase. It will also gradually decrease. In addition, SOFC technology and renewable energy complement each other to make up for the shortcomings of insufficient stability of wind photovoltaic power generation, and play a major role in enhancing the clean power supply capacity and power supply stability of the grid.

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SOFC Introduction - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell - Cheersonic

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