Textile Coating System - Ultrasonic Coating - Cheersonic

Cheersonic ultrasonic textile coating system can be used for the preparation of functional coatings on non-woven fabrics or textile surfaces. Such as super-hydrophobic coating, antibacterial coating, waterproof and oil-proof coating, flame-retardant coating, etc. Ultrasonic spraying equipment can uniformly coat the suspension solution on the surface of non-woven fabrics and textiles. The film thickness can be controlled between nanometer and micrometer. Compared with traditional two-fluid spray coating, dip coating, roll coating, screen printing, etc., ultrasonic textile coating system has the characteristics of high uniformity, almost no splash, 90% raw material utilization, and controllable film thickness. More and more customers are choosing ultrasound solutions to replace traditional processing methods.


• Anti-static coating
• Flame-retardant coating
• Waterproof and oil-proof coating
• Antibacterial coating
• Super-hydrophobic coating

Features and Advantages

• Controllable film thickness
• High uniformity
• 90% raw material utilization
• Almost no splash
• Strong adhesion
• Flow adjustable
• Non-contact spraying

Spray Non Woven Fabric Video