Ultrasonic Nozzles For Food Industry

Ideal for spraying antibacterial or flavored solutions, such as ready-to-eat foods or cereals in commercial food manufacturing. Cheersonic’s Ultrasonic food coating spraying system is used to apply antibacterial coatings, additive coatings (such as flavoring or sweeteners) to food. Ultrasonic spray allows very thin, small amounts of additive layers to be added to the prepared product before packaging.

Cheersonic’s ultrasonic coating system is ideal for spraying a small amount of antibacterial coating onto ready-to-eat foods, such as prepared sliced meats, to improve product safety and extend shelf life. Cheersonic’s system has been shown to be able to spray antibacterial solutions directly onto meat slices during slicing operations.

Compared with pressure spraying or other coating methods, the ultrasonic nozzle sprays a thinner material layer to cover more evenly. This is a major benefit for food manufacturers who want to control the number of ingredients.


The antimicrobial agent is coated on the meat slices.
Condiments and sweeteners on cereals and other dry goods
Nutritional coating on desserts such as granola cereal strips
Oil coatings prevent food from sticking to substrates
Ultrasonic Nozzles For Food Industry - Cheersonic

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