Ultrasonic Photoresist Spraying Machine

Cheersonic is committed to various ultrasonic spraying solutions. Applied to semiconductor photoresist spraying, compared with traditional spin coating and dip coating, ultrasonic have the advantages of high uniformity and controllable coating area. Facts have proved that the photoresist coating prepared by ultrasonic coating has higher microstructure uniformity and uniformity than the traditional spin coating process. Ultrasonic spraying is a significantly efficient and economical photoresist coating process. Cheersonic’s spraying system has the characteristics of precision, flow control, and precise speed control. Due to the extremely low carrier gas volume, the liquid is gentle and non-impact during the spraying process, which greatly avoids the problem of liquid overspray and greatly improves the utilization rate of the liquid.


• Wafers
• Microfluidic Chips
• Lenses
• Filters

Features & Benefits

• Ultrasonic nozzle, particle size is 0-40um
• High uniformity and uniformity
• Non-contact spraying
• Micro-flow spraying, multiple liquid feeding schemes
• High speed control accuracy
• High liquid utilization

Photoresist Coating Video