Ultrasonic Spraying Instrument

Cheersonic’s ultrasonic spraying instrument has been proven to be suitable for a variety of applications, spraying uniform, repeatable coating. By controlling thickness from sub-micron to more than 100 microns and being able to apply any shape or size, Cheersonic’s coating system is a viable alternative to other coating technologies, such as rotation and traditional spraying.

Our ultrasonic sprayers accurately control flow rates, coating speed and deposition. The low-speed spray molding of the ultrasonic sprayer defines the atomization spray as an accurate, controllable pattern that avoids over-spraying while generating a very thin uniform layer.

Advantages of Cheersonic’s ultrasonic coating technology in protective wafer coating process include:

Uniform film
No blockage atomization Spray
High transfer efficiency and very low waste
Mature Spraying Process
Ultrasonic Spraying Instrument - Float Glass Coating Systems - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Spray Video