Ultrasonic Stent Coating System

Ultrasonic Stent Coating System – Ultrasonic Stent Coating – Cheersonic

The UAM3000 is a new stent coating system for coating arterial stents with polymers containing anti-restinosis drugs. The UAM3000 offers the same cutting-edge precision stent coating features that have made Cheersonic the industry’s manufacturer in producing high-quality stent coatings with expanded features and higher volume production capabilities. The system incorporates Cheersonic’s ultrasonic nozzle, which produces a very thin, precise, straight spray pattern, and ultra-low liquid delivery system.

Cheersonic ultrasonic nozzles break apart agglomerated particles as they travel down the nozzle body due to continuous ultrasonic vibrations along the length of the nozzle, resulting in the most effective use of functional particles. Breaking up agglomerates into evenly dispersed catalyst layers using ultrasonic spray results in higher electrochemical performance and greater repeatability of functional coatings.