What is PVD

  1. 1. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is the physical vapor deposition: refers to the process of transferring substances or atoms from the source to the surface of the substrate using physical processes. Its role is to make certain particles with special properties (high strength, wear resistance, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, etc.) spray on the lower performance matrix, so that the matrix has better performance. Basic methods of PVD: vacuum evaporation, sputtering, ion plating (hollow cathode ion plating, hot cathode ion plating, arc ion plating, reactive ion plating, radio frequency ion plating, DC discharge ion plating).
  2. PVD (Programmable Voltage Detector), you can program the voltage monitor. Used in STM32ARM chip, the function is to monitor the power supply voltage. When the power supply voltage drops below a given threshold, an interrupt is generated to notify the software to do emergency processing. When the power supply voltage returns to above a given threshold, an interrupt will also be generated to notify the software that the power supply is restored.

Extended information:
The PVD technology appears in that the prepared film has the advantages of high hardness, low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and chemical stability. The initial successful application in the field of high-speed steel tools has attracted great attention from the manufacturing industries of various countries in the world. While developing high-performance and high-reliability coating equipment, people have also carried out more in-depth coating on cemented carbide and ceramic tools Application research.

Compared with the CVD process, the PVD process has a low processing temperature, and has no effect on the bending strength of the tool material below 600 ° C; the internal stress state of the film is compressive stress, which is more suitable for the coating of carbide complex tools; PVD The process has no adverse impact on the environment and is in line with the development direction of modern green manufacturing. The current PVD coating technology has been widely used in the coating treatment of carbide end mills, drills, step drills, oil hole drills, reamers, taps, indexable milling blades, turning blades, special-shaped tools, welding tools, etc .