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Bench Top Thin Flim Coating Equipment

Cheersonic benchtop ultrasonic coating system is ideal for a variety of thin film coatings applications, including fuel cell membrane, solar cells, meshes, glass plates, screens, medical devices. The coating system is equipped with a HMI for programming and monitoring process parameters, two platform size options. The enclosure can be adapted to include environmental control to suit specific applications. User friendly integrated programming and control system, as well as capability for the system component such as nozzle, pump, robot, and temperature. The optional features include of heated platform and/or vacuum platform, and precursor sonication methods.

Bench Top ultrasonic precision spray coater is mainly used for research and development. Ultrasonic spray coating technology can produce highly uniform nano-scale thin film coatings for a variety of applications.

Cheersonic’s ultrasonic spray nozzle, with a variety of frequencies and plume shaping attachments to suit the applications.

High efficiency spray, the material usage ratio > 95%, Spray pattern uniformity +/- 2%

Maximum spray area coverage: 300mm × 300mm (SNR300), 500mm x 500mm (SNR500)

Precision Syringe Pump Liquid Dosing/Dispensing.
Bench Top Thin Flim Coating Equipment - Cheersonic

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