Diagnostic Device Coatings

Advances in computation, resolution, nanotechnology, and microfluidics, allow for constant advances in the research and development of new devices, as well as improvement of existing ones. More accurate, cheaper, and quicker diagnostics are key to the medical field, as well as tests for previously undetected agents or earlier detection. Cheersonic nozzles and automated robotic coating systems allow for the research and development of such devices, as well as the scaling up of their production. Cheersonic systems can be used for test substrate production, namely through cleaning, masking, and etching, as well as substrate coatings with active testing materials such as antibodies or enzymes, protective or control coatings, etc.. Cheersonic’s automated robotic coating systems can be made in benchtop form for research, development, and prototyping, as well as combined with conveyor systems for production-level work.
Diagnostic Device Coatings - Ultrasonic Coating - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Coating System Video

Recommended Equipment

Ultrasonic Atomization Nozzle
Laboratory Ultrasonic Coating System
UAM3000 Ultrasonic Medical Devices Spraying
UAM4000 Desktop Ultrasonic Spraying Equipment
UAM4000L Benchtop Ultrasonic Spray System
UAM6000 Ultrasonic Spraying Machine
UAL100 Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump
LULP500 Ultrasonic Laboratory Device
Prosonic1000 Industrial Ultrasonic Device
Prosonic3000 Most Powerful Ultrasonic Processor