Film Deposited on Fabric

My client intend, at laboratory scale to cover textiles with liquids containing nano(micro)-particles of metal.

My client what to spray liquid with nanoparticles. The solvent can be Hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO), ethyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol, chitosane. The particles will be Silver, Copper, ZnO, Pd, Pt and Fe2O3, the mass concentration of particles is in range 0.000 1 %…1% with dimension 20-150nm diameter. The spray will be used in conjunction with an atmospheric pressure plasma jet. The film deposited on fabric will be anti-microbial / anti-bacterial. The textiles that requires to be coating are: Natural fibres (cotton), polymers – polyester, polyurethane, woven and nonwoven. The coating dimensions will be 1×1 cm, 1×50 cm for the moment now. In a later stage they are interested in expanding the dimensions to 50×50 cm, 100×100 cm, probably in the future 4000 cm x rolling textile

The quantity of liquid needed on the textile is 0.001-10 ml for 1×1 cm. They need a homogeneity better than 80%.

We recommend them an UAC50 ultrasonic spray nozzle system for use in laboratory (not industrial) to cover small areas, e.g. 10x10mm and 10x500mm.