Glass Coating Equipment For Float Glass Industry

Cheersonic has added ultrasonic liquid spraying technology to the existing glass coating equipment series, thus improving the spraying system of the float glass manufacturing industry. Cheersonic is committed to providing effective, reliable and innovative surface treatment solutions designed completely according to customer specifications.

For more than ten years, Cheersonic has been providing ultrasonic liquid spraying systems for float glass manufacturers, such as applying antifouling coatings of organic acid solutions to protect the glass during transportation and storage, and Low-E float glass.

Ultrasonic liquid spraying equipment usually replaces high-pressure spraying with precise ultrasonic deposition to provide a more uniform coating method without dripping and clogging. High-pressure nozzles are prone to clogging, while ultrasonic nozzles will not be clogged, which greatly reduces maintenance requirements. Ultrasonic spraying can save up to 80% of the amount of liquid used, and it reduces exhaust requirements by greatly reducing overspray. Significant improvement in uniformity using ultrasonic spray can reduce defects and improve glass protection, thereby evenly coating a thin film layer on the entire glass surface.

Glass Coating Equipment For Float Glass Industry - Cheersonic

About Cheersonic

Cheersonic is the leading developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic coating systems for applying precise, thin film coatings to protect, strengthen or smooth surfaces on parts and components for the microelectronics/electronics, alternative energy, medical and industrial markets, including specialized glass applications in construction and automotive.

The Company’s solutions are environmentally-friendly, efficient and highly reliable, and enable dramatic reductions in overspray, savings in raw material, water and energy usage and provide improved process repeatability, transfer efficiency, high uniformity and reduced emissions.

Cheersonic’s growth strategy is focused on leveraging its innovative technologies, proprietary know-how, unique talent and experience, and global reach to further develop thin film coating technologies that enable better outcomes for its customers’ products and processes. For further information, visit

Glass Coating Equipment For Float Glass Industry – Cheersonic