Graphene Coating

The inherent properties of graphene and the ability to uniformly deposit nanomaterials by ultrasonic spraying offer many possibilities for thin film functional coatings in electronics, solar cells, advanced battery technology and even protective layers. Ultrasonic spray technology has proven to be useful for spraying graphene and graphene oxide films, and has been studied in many new technologies. Ultrasonic spraying is capable of depositing highly uniform, extremely thin nanolayers with minimal overspray.


• Deposit carbon nanotubes (carbon nanotubes), nanowires, perovskite materials, and graphene in a uniform thin coating to replace energy, electronics, semiconductor or medical applications.
• Spray catalyst inks such as carbon black and platinum solution in fuel cell manufacturing.
• Use graphene or carbon nanotubes for protection and strengthening applications.
• Various nano materials for EMI shielding.
• Create a transparent conductive coating.
• Deposition of uniform nanowires or graphene films in advanced electronic applications.

Ultrasonic coating systems are used to deposit nano-layer coatings with uniform thickness on substrates of any width. Even over a wide width, very thin coatings with high uniformity can be produced, which makes ultrasonic spraying technology particularly suitable for many precision nanotechnology spraying applications.

Features & Advantages

• Full range of ultrasonic nozzles
• Titanium alloy and stainless-steel construction, corrosion resistance
• The nozzle is not easy to be blocked
• Utilization> 95%
• Low diversion pressure can reduce waste of overcoating and air pollution
• Spraying proton exchange membrane with high uniformity and good adhesion
• Ultrasonic dispersion liquid system- keep the suspension evenly dispersed during spraying
• The particle diameter is optional which can more flexibly affect the through-hole property of the coating
• Heating plate, vacuum plate or combination of heating plate and vacuum plate

Coating Graphene Solution Video

Recommended Equipment