Peripheral Stent Coating Systems

Peripheral Stent Coating Systems – Coating Medical Stents – Cheersonic

The Cheersonic’s Peripheral Stent Coating System is a full coating system for applying anti-restenosis drug polymer coatings onto implantable cardiac stents. The Benchtop Stent Coating system combines Cheersonic’s unique microspray atomizing nozzle with low-pressure gas to produce a soft, highly focused beam of atomized spray drops. Compressed gas, typically at 1 psi, is introduced into the diffusion chamber of the air shroud, producing a uniformly distributed flow of air around the nozzle’s atomizing surface.

The UAM3000 is a new stent coating system for coating arterial stents with polymers containing anti-restinosis drugs. The UAM3000 offers the same cutting-edge precision stent coating features that have made Cheersonic the industry’s manufacturer in producing high-quality stent coatings with expanded features and higher volume production capabilities. The system incorporates Cheersonic’s ultrasonic nozzle, which produces a very thin, precise, straight spray pattern, and ultra-low liquid delivery system.