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Stent Coating Systems

UAM4000L is an precision spray coating system for implantable stents, especially for aterial stents by using ultrasonic spray coating technology. It can penetrate complex stent geometreis, ensure full covrerage of all surfaces without webbing, save spray material, etc. UAM4000L is an advanced ultrasonic spray coating system for peripheral stents. The special design of system can process the stent as long as 280mm. Cheersonic who has abundant experience on coatings of implantable medical device such as drug stents, drug balloon catheters, offers completed turn-key solutions for customers.


Ultrasonic spray nozzle, precision liquid delivery.
Uniformity: <5% Transfer efficiency of material: >95% (4-5 times higher than pressure spray)
Special stent holder design for easy and fast loading of stents.
Stent length: Full digital precision ultrasonic generator: closed loop control strategy provides highly stable operation, with power control accuracy: 0.01W.
All system components are compatible with the typical solvents and polymers used in stent coating. For example: solvents THF, acetone, DMAC, chloroform; polymers: urethanes, polycarbonates, silicones, styrenes
Precision gas pressure control.
High definition CCD monitor is available for stent monitoring.(optional)


Precision gas flow meter.
High definition CCD monitor is available for stent monitoring.
Peripheral stent coating: <280mm
Sonic syringe for suspensions dispersion
Stent Coating Systems - Spray Nozzle - Cheersonic

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