UAC120 Ultrasonic Spraying Technology Show

The CHEERSONIC UAC120 ultrasonic atomizing nozzle uses the vibration energy of ultrasonic waves to break up water or liquid to form tiny particles of several μm to more than 100 μm. The liquid is delivered to the spray head by its own gravity or low-pressure liquid pump to achieve continuous or intermittent Atomization.

Compared to UAC50, UAC120 has a higher frequency and smaller particles, especially for more precise film coating.

The following is a practical application case for UAC120:

1.Ultrasonic UAC120 anti-corrosion material spraying:

2.UAC120 epoxy resin spraying:

3.UAC120 solar thin film battery spraying:

4.UAC120 ultrasonic lipase spraying system:

To learn about our ultrasonic spray technology and perform ultrasonic spray testing on your liquid, please contact CHEERSONIC Customer Representative as soon as possible:

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