Ultrasonic Coating For Nanoparticles

Ultrasonic Coating For Nanoparticles, Unique advantages of nanoparticle ultrasonic coatings. When using conventional mixing devices and pumps to dispense nanoparticles, the particles tend to agglomerate and separate from the liquid suspension. Cheersonic has developed custom solutions for nanosuspension liquid transfer. These liquid delivery systems use disc-shaped piezoelectric transducers located inside the syringe plunger to convert high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is then converted into a liquid suspension. The control module provides high-frequency electrical input based on the characteristics of the liquid suspension to control power intensity and duration. The high frequency and high reflection vibration generated inside the syringe barrel will effectively mix most of the slurry, dispersion and suspension into an almost perfect homogeneous mixture within seconds. Further electrical pulses triggered automatically from the control module generate continuous vibrations, which evenly disperse the nanoparticles in the suspension for several hours.

When using conventional coating techniques (such as pressure spraying, spinning disk coating, and web printing techniques) to coat nanoparticles on substrates, their uniformity control is limited, and too many nanomaterials must be used And expensive. Cheersonic ultrasonic nozzles uniformly and accurately coat very fine nanoparticle layers on substrates of different shapes, forms and sizes. The ultrasonic nozzle continuously generates droplets, and the droplets carry nanoparticles of the same concentration. The nozzle transmits ultrasonic vibrations into the liquid suspension, thus providing a non-agglomerated system. When the liquid reaches the target location, it evaporates and gently places the nanoparticles in a position where the transfer coefficient is higher than 95%, and there is almost no “bounce” associated with traditional coating technologies.

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