Ultrasonic coating system proton exchange membrane battery

Ultrasonic coating system proton exchange membrane battery. PEMFCs are built out of membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) which include the electrodes, electrolyte, catalyst, and gas diffusion layers. An ink of catalyst, carbon, and electrode are sprayed or painted onto the solid electrolyte and carbon paper is hot pressed on either side to protect the inside of the cell and also act as electrodes. The pivotal part of the cell is the triple phase boundary (TPB) where the electrolyte, catalyst, and reactants mix and thus where the cell reactions actually occur. Importantly, the membrane must not be electrically conductive so the half reactions do not mix. Operating temperatures above 100 °C are desired so the water byproduct becomes steam and water management becomes less critical in cell design.

Ultrasonic coating systems produce highly durable, uniform carbon-based catalyst ink coatings in proton exchange membrane (PEM) cells such as Nafion’s fuel cells and electrolysis without deforming the membrane. A uniform catalyst coating is deposited on the PEM fuel cell electrolyte membrane, which has a suspension containing carbon black ink, PTFE binder, ceramic slurry, platinum and other precious metals. Other metal alloys, including metal oxide suspensions of platinum, nickel, ruthenium and ruthenium based fuel cell catalyst coatings, can be ultrasonically sprayed to make PEM fuel cells, polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) cells to maximize load and height Battery efficiency. Some of the world’s largest fuel cell manufacturers use Cheersonic ultrasonic nozzles to spray a uniform film layer of catalyst ink.

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Ultrasonic coating system proton exchange membrane battery - Cheersonic

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