Ultrasonic Nozzle To Coat A Medical Appliance

Method for using an ultrasonic nozzle to coat a medical appliance

A method for coating a medical appliance includes suspending the medical appliance with a fluidizing gas flow and directing a coating onto an ultrasonic nozzle. The ultrasonic nozzle is directed towards the medical appliance. The method also includes vibrating the ultrasonic nozzle at a rate sufficient to atomize the coating. A device for coating a medical appliance includes a fluidizing gas source adapted to suspend the medical appliance in a suspension area and an ultrasonic nozzle directed at the suspension area and adapted to vibrate. The device also includes a coating source adapted to direct coating onto the ultrasonic nozzle. A medical appliance is provided which has a coating applied by the method.
Ultrasonic Nozzle To Coat A Medical Appliance - Cheersonic

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