Ultrasonic Sensor Spraying Technology

The sensor is a detecting device that can sense the measured information and can transform the sensed information into an electrical signal or other desired form of information output according to a certain rule. For example, the temperature sensor (ear thermometer, notebook temperature sensing) used in our lives.
Ultrasonic Sensor Spraying Technology - Ultrasonic Coating - Cheersonic
Advantages of ultrasonic coating: The general thickness requirement of the sensor is 150um. Ultrasonic has the advantage of controlling the thickness of the coating compared to high pressure spraying. At present, there are many applications of ultrasonic spraying organic light-emitting coatings in the world.

Sensor coating liquid spray can be selected with UAM4000L desktop ultrasonic precision spray machine, according to the size of the area to be sprayed to select the nozzle style.

Ultrasonic Sensor Spraying Video

Ultrasonic Coating Of Nanofibrous - Spray Nanoparticles - Cheersonic

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