Ultrasonic Spray For Platinum Catalyst

Ultrasonic Spray For Platinum Catalyst. The following discusses the method and advantages of ultrasonic deposition of carbon-based platinum ink solution onto catalytic membranes in the manufacture of platinum-based fuel cells, doubling industry standard performances. Using patented ultrasonic atomization technology (Ultrasonic atomization technology provided by Cheersonic) conductive properties are compared to those of films created with hydraulic deposition and paste printing methods, using comprehensive analysis of morphology characteristics, deposition density, and distribution of platinum particles throughout the thickness and surface area of the coating. Results indicate significant increase in uniform distribution of platinum particles using the ultrasonic deposition method. Measured electrochemically active Pt surface area using ultrasonic atomization was recorded as high as 71% of the total Pt particle surface area.
Ultrasonic Spray For Platinum Catalyst - Cheersonic

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