Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for ZnO thin films

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for ZnO thin films. Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis is a method in which a nanostructure is deposited by spraying a solution with an ultrasonic nebulizer onto a heated surface, where the constituents react to form a desired chemical compound. In comparison with conventional methods, the ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method provides advantages such as low equipment cost, good thickness uniformity over a large area, low-temperature, and low-vacuum requirements in processing, and so forth. ZnO thin films grown on Si substrates by using ultrasonic spray pyrolysis have been reported, as has the growth of ZnO nanorods by using ultrasonic spray chemical vapor deposition with a Au catalyst.
Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for ZnO thin films - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Video

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