Ultrasonic Substrate Coating

Ultrasonic nozzles can be used to apply a variety of substrates, including a variety of liquids, solutions, suspensions, emulsions, etc., for a variety of applications. The Cheersonic’s ultrasonic coating system enables accurate, accurate and repeatable substrate coating in a single, batch or continuous process setting. Our nozzles allow for graded coatings or bonding coatings, and perhaps even a single nozzle for multilayer coatings, which may be particularly suitable for photovoltaic or solid oxide fuel cell applications. This automated system is also suitable for medical diagnostics and testing of substrates or other coatings of interest to biomedicine, such as for medical stents, catheters or biomedical implants.Ultrasonic Substrate Coating - Ultrasonic Nebulizer Spraying - CheersonicUltrasonic Nebulizer spraying particles of the same size consistent droplets to the substrate surface, forming a uniform coating. The liquid passes through the center hole of the nozzle and is atomized at the tip of the nozzle, and the gas surrounds the water droplets. The nozzle’s low-speed, discontinuous spray droplets, which have hardly been sprayed, make it ideal for spraying precise films with a thickness of nano or micron.Ultrasonic Substrate Coating - Ultrasonic Nebulizer Spraying - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Substrate Coating Spraying video