Hydrogel Spraying

Cheersonic nozzles can be utilized to print three-dimensional hydrogel structures. Polymer and cross-linker are kept separate until meeting at the atomization surface, where spraying occurs, and gelation may occur sometime between that point and sitting on the substrate. This technique allows one to print using separate, relatively “thin” or dilute solutions of both materials, with potentially thin-film layer heights. Similar techniques can be applied to other polymers that gel, as well as to outright polymerization reactions that occur upon combining two or more solutions. This technique can potentially be utilized in conjunction with bioprinting, as well as for wound dressing or tissue scaffold production, in order to print objects with specific properties and composition(s), controlled agent release or degradation, resorption, or bioactivity-conducive features.
Hydrogel Spraying - Ultrasonic Nozzle - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Hydrogel Spraying Video

Recommended Equipment

Ultrasonic Atomization Nozzle
Laboratory Ultrasonic Coating System
UAM3000 Ultrasonic Medical Devices Spraying
UAM4000 Desktop Ultrasonic Spraying Equipment
UAM4000L Benchtop Ultrasonic Spray System
UAM6000 Ultrasonic Spraying Machine
UAL100 Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump
LULP500 Ultrasonic Laboratory Device
Prosonic1000 Industrial Ultrasonic Device
Prosonic3000 Most Powerful Ultrasonic Processor