Liquid Ultrasonic Atomization

Liquid Ultrasonic Atomization. Effect of ultrasonic frequency on size distributions of nanosized mist generated by ultrasonic atomization

Ultrasonic atomization is used to produce fine liquid mists with diameter ranges below 100 nm. We investigated the effect of the frequency on the size distribution of ultrasonic mist. A bimodal distribution was obtained for the mist generated by ultrasonic atomization with a wide-range particle spectrometer. The peak diameter decreased with increasing frequency, and the number concentration of the mist increased in the smaller range.

We determined the relation between the size distribution of the mist and the ultrasonic frequency, and we proposed a generation mechanism for the ultrasonic nanosized mist based on the amount of water vapor around the liquid column. Increasing the power intensity and density by changing the surface diameter of the ultrasonic oscillator affected the number concentration and size distribution of the nanosized mist. Using this technique, the diameter of the mist can be controlled by changing the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer.
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