UAM4000L Automatic Ultrasonic Desktop Type Fine Spraying Machine

Automatic Ultrasonic Desktop Type Fine Spraying Machine - Cheersonic
The desktop ultrasonic fine spraying machine is a small-scale ultrasonic spraying equipment, which can be equipped with a gathering type ultrasonic nozzle, a wide-jet type ultrasonic nozzle or a scattering type ultrasonic nozzle, and can also be equipped with a fine metering pump, a carrier gas control, a base heating plate, Vacuum suction panels, exhaust systems, etc. The device uses the principle of ultrasonic high frequency oscillation to atomize the liquid into uniform micron-sized particles. Compared with the traditional two-fluid nozzle, the ultrasonic nozzle can obtain a more uniform, thinner and more controllable film coating, and it is not easy to block the nozzle. The ultrasonic nozzle only needs a small amount of gas in the kilopascal class, and no splashing occurs during the spraying process, so the utilization rate of the coating is as high as 95% or more, which is four times that of the two fluids. This equipment is especially suitable for the research and development of research laboratories and the production of small-area films.

This technology is being widely used in the field of fine coating preparation.

Desktop ultrasonic spraying equipment is used in the development and production of various nano- and sub-micron functional coating films: new energy field (proton exchange membrane fuel cell membrane electrode spraying), spraying of thin film solar cells (perovskite solar cells, organic solar cells, transparent conductive films, etc.), biomedical field (biosensor coating), microelectronics and semiconductors (wafer silicon wafer photoresist coating), circuit board flux coating, glass coating field (AR antireflection coating, hydrophilic coating, hydrophobic coating, thermal spray coating, transparent conductive film coating, etc.), Non-woven fabrics and textiles (superhydrophobic coating, antibacterial coating, etc.).
UAM4000L combines a new spray and control system. According to the treatment, spray granules, spray volume and other process requirements, we can design spray heads for customers and customize a complete set of ultrasonic nano-scale particle spraying equipment.

Equipment advantage

• High spray uniformity and controllability
• Not easy to block the nozzle
• High raw material utilization and reduced waste
• No need for high pressure gas
• Raw material usage exceeds 95%
• Touch screen control system
• High precision laboratory syringe pump

Ultrasonic Spray Video

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