Ultrasonic Coating Technology

Ultrasonic Coating Technology. Ultrasonic spray coating system including ultrasonic spray nozzle, liquid delivery, gas regulator, XYZ motion system, heating plate, etc.. It is widely used for thin film solar cell, fuel cell, glass coating, stent coating, balloon catheter coating, ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, etc..
Ultrasonic Coating Technology - Ultrasonic Coating - Cheersonic
Precision programmable ultrasonic coating systems from Cheersonic provide controllable, repeatable, uniform micron thickness coatings using patented ultrasonic spray technology. Cheersonic is the inventor of the ultrasonic spray nozzle, with over 40 years of expertise in thin film coatings for applications from R&D through high volume production. Visit www.cheersonic-liquid.cn for more information.

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Recommended Equipment

Ultrasonic Atomization Nozzle
Laboratory Ultrasonic Coating System
UAM3000 Ultrasonic Medical Devices Spraying
UAM4000 Desktop Ultrasonic Spraying Equipment
UAM4000L Benchtop Ultrasonic Spray System
UAM6000 Ultrasonic Spraying Machine
UAL100 Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump
LULP500 Ultrasonic Laboratory Device
Prosonic1000 Industrial Ultrasonic Device
Prosonic3000 Most Powerful Ultrasonic Processor