Ultrasonic nozzle for coating stents and catheters

Ultrasonic nozzle for coating stents and catheters. Cheersonic uses ultrasonic nozzle with a precision delivery mechanism facilitating the introduction of solutions directly on the atomizer nozzle tip. The center orifice which is typically used for liquid delivery is then able to shape droplets with a small gas flow. This device is also useful for coating small objects like stents and catheters. Liquid passes through the center orifice of the nozzle and is atomized at the tip. Gas surrounds the droplets, giving a spray with a sharp focal point.

Cheersonic has a line of micro feed tubes for controlling the flows of solutions. The tubes are excellent for lower flow rates and our dual micro feed tube is a good choice for hydrogel printing structures or preventing two reactive solutions from contact until it reaches the nozzle tip prior to atomization.
Ultrasonic nozzle for coating stents and catheters - Cheersonic

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