Ultrasonic Nozzle For Stent Coating

• Cheersonic nozzles have industry proven success for producing high quality stent coatings
• Integrated control of the nozzle, liquid delivery, and stent movement/rotational device
• Soft, low-velocity spray can be targeted with unmatched precision
• Small ultrasonically generated drops provide excellent penetration and inhibit webbing
• Minimal overspray (minimal waste)
• Wide range of delivery rates from 0.3-100 ml/hour
• Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle prevents clogging
• All system components are compatible with thetypical solvents and polymers used in stent coating (solvents such as:THF, acetone, DMAC, toluene, chloroform, polymers: urethanes, polycarbonates, silicones, styrenes)
Ultrasonic Nozzle For Stent Coating - Atomizer Nozzles - Cheersonic

Ultrasonic Coating System Video

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